06 November, 2010

jalapeno jelly

Well I just spent the day making Jalapeno jelly with Brady's mom. It was a lot of fun! His family is just so much fun! I love them to pieces. I will post the recipe On here when I get a chance. We made regular jalapeno jelly and mixed Berry jalapeno jelly..... The mixed Berry one we haven't tried yet, but I'm sure its DELISH!!!
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31 October, 2010


Well its Oct. 31st. All is well on the home from front. I've been dating Brady for 10 months. But on the 14th of Nov we will have started talking and hanging out for 1 year! THAT is so crazy. He is a great Guy. We have been living together for a few months now, and I think I am ready for the NEXT step... First we both need to get our priorities, In order, get some of our debt paid off. I think back to when we first started talking and he would ditch out on me,actually. We would both ditch out on each other, I am so GLAD we quit doing that to each other because he truly is the best. I can't even wait to get married and have kids with him one day. Maybe next year.. I have to say I LOVE HIS FAMILY! so when we end up getting married I will have amazing inlaws. This past summer We went to the sand dunes quite a bit. His family is as into that as my family is into snowmobiling. So between both our families we will be sure to have a blast! I can't even wait to spend the holidays with both our families! Well this was just kind of a rsnfpm update..... All is well here in my home. PS..... I haven't told you guys HOW MUCH I LOVE MY APARTMENT! Living in pleasant grove is the best! LOVE IT AND MY LIFE RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!
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01 May, 2010

LOVE-LOVE-LOVE 's looking good,good,good on ME!

Well 3 months of dating B and things are great! I seriously couldn't ask for a better boyfriend then him! I can not picture my life with out him. I do have to say that in the 3 months I've been dating him, a few of my friends have been dating their boyfriends in less time then B and I....and are getting married in a few months, to in the fall!!??? Is that CRAZY!? I feel like it totally is!? It makes me have so much anxiety for them! B and I have talked about getting married quite a few times actually and it freaks me out. It makes me laugh because I have wanted to be married my whole entire life and now that iit might happen, its a little scary! I do know that B is the one for me. I have never felt this way about anyone ever before. BUT at the same time getting married at the very earliest next summer seems a little too soon for me. Now don't think that he has proposed to me. He hasn't. We have just talked about it. So eventually one day I will just not tomorrow, or next week, or even this year for that matter!!! LMAO When I found out my friend Christina is getting married in the fall, I called B up and said " AM I werid for not wanting to get married as soon as possible? What's my problem?" B just said " Tan, did you ever stop to think that they are the weird ones"? Jumping into something that huge after know each other for almost 2 months?" I had to agree with him. I just can't believe some people can rush into this huge thing called marriage! LOL I just can't. Anyways..... I just wanted to say again that I have the most AMAZING BOYFRIEND EVER!!!!!!! I just love him to pieces with my whole heart!

23 February, 2010

"When you've got a good thing"

Everybody keeps telling me I'm such a lucky man
Lookin' at you standin' there I know I am
Barefooted beauty with eyes that blue
The sun shine sure looks good on you
I swear

Oh I can't believe I finally found you baby
Happy ever after, after all this time
Oh there's gonna be some ups and downs
But with you to wrap my arms around
I'm fine

So baby, hold on tight
Don't let go
Hold onto the love we're making
Cause baby when the ground starts shakin'
You gotta know when you've got a good thing

You know you keep on bringin' out the best of me
And I need you now even more than the air I breathe
You can make me laugh when I wanna cry
This will last forever I just know, I know

So baby, hold on tight
Don't let go
Hold onto the love we're making
Cause baby when the ground starts shakin'
You gotta know when you've gotta good thing

We got a good thing, baby, whoa
So hold on tight
Baby, don't let go
Hold onto the love we're making
Cause baby when the ground starts shakin'
You gotta know, oh you gotta know
Oh you gotta know, you gotta know
When you got a good thing

*Alright.......these lyrics pretty much some up how I feel about Brady. I have definitely met my match with him. We are so much a like its a little crazy. BUT he treats me so good! He is always concerned for me. Brings me coffee every morning, makes sure I have everything I need until I see him after work. He has my whole heart. I can't say that enough. He does.... Truely the whole thing! As of yet he is just my boyfriend. Which as most of you know is a HUGE deal for me. I freaked out when we talked about it because I DON'T commit to anyone. And so it made him a little un easy. But I got over that real quick. He is perfect for me. He loves my attitude. Loves everything about me and thinks I'm perfect! Which clearly I am not. But he thinks so. And that is wonderful. I honestly can't picture my life with out him, whether he and I become more then bf\gf who knows....I do know that he will always have my whole heart! Because we know everything about each other, took the time to be come best friends first. He'll always be in my life. We have had a few misunderstandings....but its mainly because of not communicating well. But even when that happens I still want to be with him, hang out, talk to him, and work through it. Which again this is not me at all!!!!!!!!!!! All I can say I do know when "I've got a good thing"

09 February, 2010

4 fantastic months!

OK............ So Brady and I have been talking and hanging out for 4 months. When we decided to make it official! He is my boyfriend. I considered him to be one of my very best friends. I can talk to him about anything and everything! Which is really weird. For me anyways. I'm not someone that will just spill my guts out to just anyone. Its so crazy that I can talk to him about everything and anything! I was a little nervous to call him my boyfriend. I really freaked out. I'm not sure why I did. But I did. And I was able to talk to him about it and he made it better. He always tells me how beautiful and perfect I am, and that he is so lucky to have me in his life. Which if I do say so myself I am the lucky one! So I guess we will see how it goes with him. All I know is He is a very good man.AND he treats me well. He is not a douche!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so HAPPY to say that brady is NOT a DOUCHE!!!!! Lmao and that makes me happy.

18 December, 2009

Guess we should play Catch up again.

SO......here it goes. MY life lately has been anything but crazy. Not since living om my own. I still go to as man concerts as I can possibly go to. I am an Addict.. I may need to go to CA. CONCERTS ANNONYMOUS. LOL but I guess its a good thing to be addicted to. I have recently removed some people out of my life that are no bueno for me and it has been such a RELIEF! Tyler just got kicked to the curb, because he is a loser that thinks he has been saved by GOD for all his transgressions. Which maybe he has I just think he is a loser and a liar and have no need for him in my life EVER again. And then just some other random nobody's. I wonder why its so hard to find Good honest people out there? It just seems to me like there are so many dis honest people out there and it makes me sad. But such is life I guess. I have recently come into contact with this guy I went to high school with. He seems ok. I'm sure you all have noticed a Brady that as my step sister Julie says "DROOLS all over me" and as my friend Aubree says he "L-O-V-E loves you Tan" lol he is nice and I talk to him everyday of my life since Nov 14th. There is just one problem with him. Wheb we make plans to hang out something always comes up. He always tells me he likes my attitude and that he loves that I'm so honest. Also that I don't judge him for his past. Believe me he has a small past. But coming from Small town usa where everyone except me and a few others were junkies in high school. He was, has been clean for 5 years and has totally tured his life around for the better. I am proud of him because for one, He is not dead. And for 2, he has made something of himself. Which is fantastic. But like I said we talk everyday. All day long, just about anything and everything. I am so glad that he is able to talk to me about anything. But at the same time, its like WTF dude. Let's habg out, be friends instead of the guy and the girl that only talk on the phone or text. I have invited him to come hang out and he always has something come up!!! Makes me think something is not right. Maybe I intimidate him? I get that a lot that I am very intimidating because I know what I want, and won't accept anything less. He knows that and maybe he thinks he can't be friends with me. Who the hell knows. But anyways. There really isn't much going on in my life at the moment. Other then trying to get B to hang out. I guess I just don't understand how people can be so fake. I'm sure you guys have notice most of my posts on facebook. I truly am such a nice, caring person. But you do me wrong and I am done. Its that fire cracker in me! Lol I just have zero tolerence for people that lie. Be honest people. Because I am. Maybe a little too honest, but atleast I'm not fake and don't treat people like a piece of shit unless they have done me wrong. Enough about that!!!! I'm SO EXCITED for Christmas. MY whole family is going to the Grand Canyon to ride the polar express around the canyon. It should be a good time!!! I just love my family so much and wouldn't know who I'd be if it weren't foor them. I've come a long way this past year. I'm not the partyer I used to be. Which is good because that got old real fast! Although I still enjoy a nive glass of red wine or a beer once in a while. But yeah what a random post!!!!! That's about all that is going on in my life! Out with the bad news people in with the great new honest people. Peace until next time

04 November, 2009


Alright, I realize its been 3 months since my last post. I'm sorry about that. My life has been so much fun lately, and I know I say this a lot but I've really come to realize how blessed I am for the family I have. My mom and dad, step dad, and step mom are the best ever! Its taken me a long time to truly appreciate and love my step dad. And I just want to say AGAIN that I am so blessed to have not only one but 2 great dads in my life. And my mom, bless her heart for putting up with my VERY opinoinated self! Just had to say that real QUICK. After the Kenny concert I went to TOBY KEITH, KEITH URBAN, and the love of my life JASON ALDEAN* toby and keith were good concerts as always they always put on such a great show! But I swear the best concert I ever went to was Jason Aldean in VEGAS at the MANDALAY BAY hotel. It was out in the beach area where the pools are. And the stage was set up right in the water so we were able to walk up to the stage and dance, and sin in the water! I swear Jason knew how much I LO VE him! He just kept looking right at me and smiling, because as you all know I'm his number 1 FAN!!!! He just is such a great preformer. I suggest all of you guys go and see him and let me know what you think. That was not only the best trip to vegas I went with my best friend karissa, our friend yvonne, and my boss nancy and her hubby. We all just had such a blast! Also I have dated a few guys in the past 3 months... None of which I am dating now. Such is life I guess. I honestly feel that every guy out there has some sort of addiction! Wehther it be cigarettes, weed, alcohol, whatever it may be. I'm to a point in my life where I want NONE of that, except for the couple of adult beverages once in while. There is no harm in that. So as of yet I have not found a guy worth my time for more then a month. I'm at a place in my life where I feel content, and if I should meet that wonderful guy that's great if not that's great too! So no more deadlines on when I should be married, and have kids! And let me tell you its such a relief to finally feel that way!!!!! And to finally be in such a great place with myself. So that's how my 3 months have been. I'm very blessed to have such an amazing FAMILY, and to have a handful of friends that are actually good friends! I will promise to update more often then every 3 months. And later today I will post pics from Toby, Keith, and my boyfriend JASON =) have a great day!

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